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DF 95 Spring Regatta
May 25, 2024



Greenville Model Yacht Club is hosting its Spring DF 95 Regatta on May 25 at Lake Cooley.  This is a beautiful venue and we are sure you will enjoy it.   The NOR is on the AMYA web site. In addition to club members, we welcome and hope to see sailors from other clubs who want to participate in a fun day of sailing. 


At GMYC, we emphasize the fun part.  We all enjoy competition and everyone would love to win.  Only one sailor can win, but all sailors can have fun —provided that we all treat one another with respect and tolerance.  Some of us will be seasoned competitors. Others will be raw novices in their first season sailing and will be in their first Regatta.  


As well, the committee members will be competing.  Therefore it is incumbent upon all of us to resolve differences like ladies and gentlemen.  GMYC frowns upon loud, vociferous argument and raised voices. In fact, if any competitor continues in such, he may be asked to leave. If you are asked to take a penalty turn, it is usually best to just do it and keep on sailing. Loud and contentious disputes are a no win for all.  


This is an all day event and is quite informal.  Sailors should plan on bringing their own lunches and plenty of water.  Stay hydrated!  


This Regatta is intended to be a day of fun and fellowship. Come on out and let’s all have a great day of sailing.

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